Beef Services

Whether you operate a cow/calf farm or feedlot operation, Renaissance will work with beef producers to ensure maximum results from start-to-finish. We recognize the value and importance of the Beef Industry and its many contributions to agriculture and helping to feed our nation. Our goal is to provide you – beef producers – with the highest quality products and services that meet the needs of your specific operation. Products are specially formulated to help ensure your beef animals meet their nutritional needs for maintenance, health and reproduction, along with good weight gain (for feedlot operations). Renaissance is committed to helping your beef operation achieve success!


Beef Services


Performance Projections
Our consultants can help you to knowing just what and how your livestock are performing, and projecting future potentials to meet your herd development goals and/or growth objectives for fattening cattle.


Computerized/Comprehensive Ration Balancing
When it comes to what your beef are eating, our consultants will access your operation and goals, and then work with available forages and feedstuffs to develop a balanced ration. It does not matter whether you are feeding cows and calves, stockers or a feedlot… we can apply the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of ration balancing to ensure your livestock are getting what they need – when they need it.


Customized Formulations
Renaissance sells only what a producer needs to balance their ration(s) and aid their cattle’s performance.  This may include standard and custom mixes. We want to work hand-in-hand with producers... part of the team, helping to maximize production and improve bottom line profitability.

  • Custom Premixes/Base Mixes
    Renaissance custom premixes and base mixes are formulated to meet specific needs on your individual farm or beef operation, along with your available forages and feeds.
  • Standard Premixes/Base Mixes
    Renaissance has a line of standard premixes for Dairy, Beef, Swine, Other Species. Please click on the links for further information on each line of livestock products.


Body Condition Scoring
Body Condition is one indicator of your operation's success. Regular evaluation of your beef animal’s body condition can help to identify concerns and opportunities related to such things as herd health, reproductive performance, maintenance and/or weight gain. Our consultants can assist you with evaluating your entire herd, feedlot or individual animals.
Body Condition Scoring can help in evaluating, predicting or troubleshooting the following areas:

  • Herd Health & Management
  • Nutritional Opportunities
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Brood Cow Performance
  • Calf Growth & Development
  • Feedlot Performance


Breakeven Analysis
Our consultants can help you to better understand the profitability of your operation and maximizing your return on investment, regardless of the focus or size of your operation.


Feed & Water Sampling
It is important to know what you are feeding your beef animals and the potential impact this may have on their performance. This may also include evaluating your pastures and suggesting whether or not to replant, along with recommended varieties and species that can be a ‘best-fit’ for your operation. Our consultants can also take samples of your feed and have them analyzed, similar to work we do with dairy operations. This can help with formulating rations that may impact the ultimate performance of your livestock. While this is less likely to serve the needs of cow/calf operations, where pasturing may be the primary feed source, it can have an impact on feedlot operations, where weight gains are critical.

Water analysis is also important, especially if pathogens are suspected and potentially impacting the health and well-being of your herd. Again, this may be less of a concern for grazing beef animals. It may, however, be a possible concern with feedlots, dry lots and where water tanks provide the principle (or only) source of water. Clean, fresh water must be available at all times for beef animals, from calves to feedlots. The water tank needs to be positioned in an easily accessible location and maintained as hygienically as possible. Water-carried pathogens can create many problems with herd health, which regular maintenance can help to avoid.


Manure Scoring
Analyzing and evaluating manure can help our nutritional consultants to visually note a nutrient benefit/loss from the feedstuffs. It can also aid in better understanding digestibility of feedstuffs with a goal of improving performance.


Feed Evaluation
Our consultants can evaluate all of your available feedstuffs, whether home-grown or purchased, along with the impact these may have on the growth, health, and reproduction of your beef animals. This can be a critical issue especially with feedlot operations, where daily monitoring can make a difference.

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