DairyInfo June 2014

Reducing Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle ...

Heat stress takes a toll on dairy cattle almost every summer, with the impact continuing long after summer heat has past and the weather begins to cool.  at temperatures above 72-74oF cows have to use energy in order to cool themselves through heat loss via the skin and respiratory tract. High producing cows are the most sensitive to heat stress becasue of their high feed intake.  Dry matter intake (DMI) starts to drop (8-12%) and milk production losses of 20-30% (which may exceed 10-25 lb/day) occur when temperatures exceed 90oF.  It has been found that milk yield peaked at 9 lb more milk/day by coole rather than non-cooled cows. This equates to more than 2000 lb/lactation when cows are cooled!  Cows whose dry periods occurred during hot weather also had calves with smaller birth weights and more metabolic problems after calving.  They produced 12% less milk in the next lactation, and conception rates were loer due to lees activity during estrus, reduced follicular activity, or early embryonic death.    

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