DairyInfo October 2014

Time to start planning for spring!

With the 2014 harvest either completed or still underway, it is time to turn our thoughts toward next spring. What hybrids will you plant? Of the many available hybrids, along with traits and treatments (or conventional), which are the best for your operation - agronomically, climatically and nutritionally?
What you plant is ultimately an investment in your ration program. It has a direct impact on how well your cows perform, and directly correlates to your farm’s productivity and profitability! If you are accustomed to purchasing seed without investigating the many [other] important features available with today’s hybrids, your cows may not be getting what is best for them. I’d like to introduce you to hybrids that are developed and research-tested for results. This includes grain and dual-purpose hybrids, silage-specific hybrids, BMR hybrids – those hybrids that have an excellent track record of producing results both in the field and in your rations. These hybrids can help your cows MAKE MILK!

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