Many people use supplemental products for deer – usually whitetail deer. This includes a growing number of facilities that raise and sell deer for hunting, as well as strategically-placed free-choice locations in the wild. These products should be offered all year-round, positioned in areas frequented by deer such as trails, rubs and watering spots. These products are scientifically formulated, helping to balance a deer’s natural diet and to meet their nutritional requirements for optimal growth and antler development, and reproduction. Consumption will vary according to the individual deer’s body weight, along with the quality and quantity of available natural browse.
WARNING:  The feeding and/or baiting of wild deer is illegal in some locations. Please consult state or local laws and regulations before offering this product to wild deer.




This product is designed to be offered free-choice or included in a concentrate feed product. It may be fed to either wild or captive white-tailed deer, as well as other members of the deer family. Features Include: supplemental Ca, P, and Mg to increase the provision of these nutrients for antler growth in bucks and milk production in lactating does; organic Se, Zn, Cu, Mn, and Co for increased bioavailability of these essential trace minerals that are important in growth, immune function, and overall animal health; supplemental vitamin E for periods when green, growing forage/browse is not available for consumption; and a product that is formulated and contains ingredients to enhance palatability and encourage good free-choice intake. Free-choice consumption of this product will vary based on the animals’ nutritional demands, basal diet, and season of the year.


Give the deer in your area a nutrient and energy ‘boost’ today and all year-round. This is a 25 lb block that provides 14% crude protein, along with fat, fiber, salt and other minerals and vitamins needed by deer. It should be offered all year-round.


When considering a balanced diet for deer, Renaissance can help to formulate an effective premix, as well as recommending what ingredients to include in a complete feed mix. Contact your local Renaissance consultant for additional information and assistance!

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