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The dry period is one of the most important stages of a dairy's lactation cycle. It give the cow a chance to recover from the previous lactation and lays the ground work for a successful future lactation. Proper dry cow feed management can reduce fresh cow problems such as ketosis, retain placentas and displaced abomasums. Renaissance dry cow products are designed to provide the nutrients dry cows need to prepare them for calving and the next lactation.


Successful dairy producers have a goal of improving the management and feeding of their transition and dry cows. Even when dry cow management is ideal, there may be added benefit to introducing a pre-fresh ration to the dry cow program. The last 3 weeks of the dry period are vital to setting the stage for a successful future lactation. Recent research in the mineral balance of the transition and early lactation cow has led to the development of products designed to improve the cow's calcium mobilization system. An active calcium mobilization will reduce the occurrence of milk fever in early lactation cows. Poor calcium mobilization can also lead to retained placentas and displaced abomasums due to impaired muscle function in the fresh cow. In order to improve calcium mobilization the transition cow diet may need to be anionic in nature. Our line of dry and transition cow products provide high levels of Vitamin E for improved reproductive performance and health, along with selenium and a complete compliment of essential vitamins and minerals.








These Renaissance dry cow premixes feature high levels of Vitamin E, providing 1200 IU of Vitamin E per head per day for improved reproductive performance and health. Research has shown a reduction in clinical mastitis of over 30% when cows are fed Vitamin E at high levels in the dry period. Feeding elevated levels of Vitamin E increase the effectiveness of selenium in the ration, while improving the quality of the colostrum after freshening. Intense livestock production has altered the mineral content of forages. Most homegrown forages are high in potassium and high levels of magnesium to help complement dry cow forages. Our Renaissance dry cow premixes feature high levels of highly available trace minerals to provide nutritional assurance for the upcoming lactation. Each dry cow premixes is designed to meet all minerals requirements of a dry cow. No additional products are needed to meet the cow’s needs. When fed as directed, dry cows will receive one ounce of salt per head per day to meet their bodily demand. SEL – selenium (selenium yeast). R NO PHOS – contains Rumensin®, but no phosphorus. RUM – contains Rumensin®.


This Renaissance dry cow free-choice product provides elevated levels of Vitamin E for improved reproductive performance and health, along with trace minerals, vitamins A and D, and salt. It does not contain Rumensin® and is formulated to be fed free-choice to dry cows. Intakes will average 0.32-0.37 lb. per day to aid in meeting their nutritional requirements.


This is a source of protein from Fermenten® - a specialty peptide and amino source, and high porcine blood meal – plus supplemental vitamins, macro and trace minerals with added organic complex trace minerals. It also contains 325 mg/lb of Rumensin® (650 g/ton). DRYMENTEN R/M is an ideal supplement for dry cows, as they prepare for the coming lactation.


This is a custom-formulated blend of nutrients to enhance reproduction, including ingredients that can aid the immunity, health and reproduction of the cow.






FRESHMATE is a completely fortified mineral supplement for prefresh cows, which also provides a palatable source of anions. When fed at 1.5 lbs/head/day, this supplement provides a convenient one- package approach to fortifying ration protein/mineral/vitamin levels. This combination will assist in maintaining a normal calcium status, minimize milk fever issues and provide for optimum transition cow health. It contains Animate®, a combination of anionic minerals and palatability enhancers.


NPF is a source of Bio-ChlorTM, a palatable source of dietary anions and a source of protein formulated specifically for rumen bacteria, which increases DMI in the transition cow by improving rumen function.  This product can help to improve the performance of early lactation cows by reducing metabolic disorders and decreasing the dietary cation/anion balance during the pre-fresh period. Feed a Renaissance Dry Cow Vitamin and Mineral premix (above) in addition to NPF to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements of the Pre-Fresh cow.

FRESH START is not an anionic product.  It is a complete vitamin and mineral pre-fresh mix specifically formulated as a “transition” product to be fed from 3 weeks pre-calving to 3 weeks post-calving.  One pound of FRESH START provides: 4 oz. of NutroCALTM, a glucose precursor, which helps reduce the incidence of ketosis and other metabolic problems associated with calving; chromium to help improve energy (glucose) utilization in transition cows; Celmanax® Yeast, a MOS for better rumen health and immunity; Availa®4 for improved immune function, lower somatic cell counts, and improved hoof and tissue health; NiashureTM for improved energy metabolism (liver function); high quality by-pass protein to meet the higher protein needs of the transition cow; and 1200 IU of vitamin E for better immune function.

This is a source of rapidly available, soluble protein and chloride. It may be used to add anions (chloride) to the diet of prefresh cows. A lower-palatability ingredient, it should be mix well into grain and/or forage.


The threats of milk fever and other post-calving disorders associated with hypocalcemia are real for every producer. That's why more producers are turning to AnimateTM, a low-inclusion anionic mineral supplement that transition cows will eat. Top dressed or added to a total mixed ration (TMR), its proven combination of anionic minerals and palatability enhancers means cows won't turn away from their feed. Plus, its patented matrix technology provides a uniform granular anionic source during the crucial transition stage. Backed by numerous field studies and university research on transition dairy cows, this supplement can effectively lowered urine pH and increased blood ionized calcium levels. Due to its high palatability, diets using this supplement do not see a reduction in dry matter intake by transition dairy cows when compared with non-anionic supplemented diets.


BIO-CHLORTM is a feed additive developed for use in the close-up dry cow. It is a unique source of dietary protein formulated specifically for use by rumen bacteria. At the same time, it provides the cow with a palatable, metabolically-effective source of dietary anions. Success in transition cow management is measured in how rapidly the fresh cow comes onto feed and into milk. Research shows that this objective is directly related to maximizing pre-calving nutrient intake, while controlling the occurrence of metabolic diseases associated with this critical time in the animal's life cycle.


SOY CHLOR is a palatable source of protein, plus anions from chloride.


This is a supplement of essential minerals and glyconeogenic sources to assist in maintaining a transition cow in excellent condition. It is an excellent source of energy that will feed dairy cows during the critical period between calving and maximum milk production. 


RENSITION 21/21 is a proprietary formulation of ingredients designed to aid and improve rumen function, metabolism, cow health, feed intakes and digestibility as the cow prepares for the rigors of calving and early lactation. Recommended feeding rate is at 4 ounces per cow per day, to cows in transition 3 weeks (21-days) before calving until 3 weeks (21-days) after calving.


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