Equine: Horses, Donkeys, etc.

It’s important to maintain your horse (and all equine species) in “tip-top” condition all year-round, regardless of what activities you enjoy. From pleasure riding to showing, breeding to working, it is critical to keep your equine functioning at its best all the time.



  • High levels of vitamins, including essential B vitamins, to ensure proper growth and improve the general health of horses in all stages of development.
  • Provide essential nutrients necessary for good overall health and better resistance to disease.
  • Elevated levels of vitamin E… important for equines during periods of stress, such as heavy work, weaning, training, growth, and when nursing foals.
  • Ideal for developing foals/young animals and providing needed fortification for active equines.
  • Excellent for light or hard-working horses, donkeys or mules.
  • Contains macro and trace minerals necessary during stress and work periods. These also help with the formation and maintenance of strong, sound bones, as well as the efficient digestion of feed.
  • Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride, along with numerous other nutrients to help replace those lost through sweating and physical exertion.
  • Convenient to feed, our equine products have a suggested feeding rate of two-to-three ounces/head/day. Directions for mixing a complete feed are available from your Renaissance consultant.




These premix supplements are formulated to provide necessary vitamins and minerals that can help your equine animal(s) to perform at an optimum level, while maintaining good condition. They are designed for free-choice use, or with mixed with feeds on your farm or through a local feed mill. Check out the details and start your equine(s) on the way to a more balanced ration today! EQUINE 100 contains higher levels of nutrients than our EQUINE CHOICE, but has no salt. This product may be offered free choice, top-dressed or mixed with feed. Sample directions for mixing a complete feed are available from your Renaissance consultant. Be sure to add salt to mixes using EQUINE 100.


Here is an excellent equine feed that provide a full-range of protein, fiber and fat, along with vitamins, trace minerals and additives formulated to keep your horse in optimum condition. This product is formulated on cutting-edge equine nutritional concepts. It is low in starch and sugar, helping to prevent behavioral and metabolic disorders, and fortified with biotin, which aids hoof health along with skin and hair coat. Other RENAISSANCE… quality for horses!

ingredients are included, which can aid and enhance digestion, and prevent the colonization of harmful pathogens. These include Bio-Saf™, SelPlex®, and BIOMOS®. Regardless of what products of ours you feed your horse, we recommend that you provide your equine animals with fresh, clean water at all times and free-choice forage or pasture. It is also important to ensure horses have a source of free-choice salt.

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