Forage Management & Sampling

Forages represent the largest component in most dairy rations. The management of this resource may be critical to how your cows perform. Renaissance recommends the regular sampling and analysis of available forages, to better ensure you have a maximum return on your investment at feedout. Note the following comments regarding forage management and sampling:

  • "Today on virtually any well managed dairy farm, forage analysis is a routine part of the forage and feed management program. There is no better way to monitor the crop from field to animal, if it is done properly. The importance of forage analysis in the feeding program is perhaps equaled only be obtaining the proper dry matter intakes fed to the dairy animal." Forage Analysis by: R. Clinton Young, Extension Specialist
  • "Forage testing is an essential component in the design and evaluation of dairy feeding programs. The use of forage testing provides an opportunity to balance rations more accurately and economically. Forage analysis data is essential in trying to evaluate nutritional problems or inadequacies with a feeding program." Obtaining Samples for Forage Testing by: L.E. Chase & C.J. Sniffen- Cornell University


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