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Goats are among the most versatile livestock species, with the demand for their meat, fiber (hair/wool), milk and other dairy products increasing at a phenomenal rate throughout the United States and globally. Whether you raise a few goats for pleasure and showing, or specialize in Boer goats for meat… Saanen, Nubian, or one of the Alpine breeds for milk and dairy products… Angora for wool… whatever breed you have, your goats need their nutritional requirements met on a daily basis, in order to maintain their overall body condition and to produce up to their genetic potential. Forage alone – baled hay or grazing on pasture – may not be sufficient to maintain the expected productivity and profitability of your goats.
Renaissance can help to achieve your goals and targets for health, reproduction, production and bottom-line profitability with your goats! We offer a range of products that can effectively be used for goat rations. While the feeding rates may vary, we can help to determine what products might be a best-fit for your operation, along with inclusion rates and how to incorporate them in your program for optimum results. This includes products for dairy and meat animals… kids of all ages… and mature does and bucks. Our line of sheep premixes and free-choice can be used for goat rations, as well as custom-made formulas that are formulated for each particular farm or situation. Contact your Renaissance consultant for assistance and product choices.




This is a high-quality premix that can be fed free-choice or mixed in grain rations. It is formulated to provide essential vitamins and minerals required by goats; ideal for gestation and lactation rations and/or feeding thinner does before and during breeding to improve ovulation rates in poorly-conditioned animals (flushing).  Does in good condition typically do not need the additional nutrition at this time. SHEPHERDS PRIDE should be added to a ration about four weeks prior to kidding, regardless of roughage quality. This will provide for the increased nutritional needs of the doe and developing kids, and help prevent the occurrence of ketosis in early life.


Here is an excellent premix for use in both creep feed and finishing kid rations, providing high levels of nutrients needed for rapid growth/efficient gains. It contains no added copper, but is formulated to give adequate selenium and vitamin E, which can aid in the prevention of white muscle disease. The product also contains Bovatec®, to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis. Ask your Renaissance consultant for information and inclusion rates when preparing creep feed or grow-finish rations for kids. Creep feeding is an ideal method for providing supplemental feed to kids during the nursing period, and is essential for intensive production systems. Provide good quality alfalfa hay and access to fresh, clean water along with creep feed at all times. Growing and finishing kids should be fed a grain mix daily that contains LAMBS PRIDE B, along with free choice hay or pasture. We also recommend that you vaccinate kids before starting them on full feed, to help in the prevention of enterotoxemia (overeating disease). Give your goats the best, and appreciate results from breeding and kidding to grow-out.


When considering what product is best for your goats, Renaissance can help to formulate an effective premix or free-choice supplement, along with an excellent ration program for your breeding does from before breeding on through lactation, as well as products for creep feeding kids and/or finishing goats for market or as replacement animals for your herd. These are important times when goats may have a need for additional protein and energy, as well as other nutrients in their diet, helping them to make the most of available forages and maintaining good body condition. A well-balanced ration can help them to perform at their best and to their genetic potential. This is also important for developing and growing kids, regardless of the intended purpose before or at maturity. Contact your local Renaissance consultant for information and assistance in helping to make your goat herd a productive and rewarding opportunity!

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