Manure Sampling

There are many tools that a nutritionist uses to evaluate and monitor the nutritional status of high producing dairy cows. Among these tools is sampling and evaluating the manure. This can provide information about the general health, rumen fermentation and digestive function of your cows. Mature cattle excrete a total of 100 lbs. or more of manure daily. The amount of manure produced may vary, due to feed and water intake, and may be greatly reduced by an unusual disruption in passage of digest through the digestive tract. Your Renaissance consultant can provide you with a visual analysis, which can be scored and charted accordingly. A sample of manure can also be taken and submitted for laboratory analysis if necessary.


  • A subjective approach to find opportunities in starch and fiber digestion
  • A simple way to access rumen function of a dairy cow
  • Offers confirmation and direction for ration changes


  • A quick visual approach to find opportunities in starch and fiber digestion
  • A visual look to determine the extent of TMR sorting
  • Can help to diagnose areas for improvement in both ration formulation and management


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