Particle Length Analysis

The role that particle length plays in a ration program is important not only with intakes, but also the digestibility of a ration. It can also impact sorting on the ration by the cows. Analyzing the particle length(s) in your TMR or ration can assist our nutritional consultants as they work with you to maximize intakes and results. Our Renaissance nutritional consultants have two options to help evaluate your diet: (1)

Penn State TMR & Particle Separator; and (2) ZEN-NOH Z-Box.

  • The Penn State TMR & Forage Particle Separator has become a routine technique used in forage and TMR particle size evaluations. Frequent particle length evaluation will help to ensure a healthy rumen mat and to better-regulate the rate of passage, which will improve feed efficiencies. This system entails four (4) boxes with holes/screens in the bases. When a TMR, for instance. In paced in the top box, the boxes are the shaken to permit feed particles to remain or drop into a lower box. This will let our nutritionist see what percentages are deposited in each level and make an appropriate application to the ration as needed.


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The ZEN-NOH Z-Box was developed by The Miner Institute (Chazy, New York). This is designed to measure physically-effective (pe) NDF, or the feedstuff’s ability to stimulate cud-chewing. Using this measurement better reflects the health of the rumen environment, milk production and components. Balancing diets on peNDF is a superior technique to formulation only with NDF or Forage NDF, which ignores the physical characteristics of the feedstuff. In combination with fermentrics or gas technology/in vitro analysis, our nutritionists can generate estimates of forage fragility and stability of the rumen fiber mat before a ration is fed to the cow.

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