Poultry (Eggs and Meat)

Whether you have a backyard flock or a more-commercial poultry enterprise, maintaining good nutrition is important for your poultry. Our products, specially formulated for various species, offers you the quality and versatility needed to keep your flock healthy and productive. In addition to a balanced diet, it is important to provide poultry with clean, fresh water at all times, as well as “scratch”. Good ventilation and lighting is also important for a poultry operation, especially those that are maintained in some sort of housing much of the time.




Renaissance has an excellent base mix product that can be used in the manufacture of complete poultry feed. Quality nutrition is important for the health and well-being of your poultry, as well as aiding productivity and profitability. This product offers versatility for almost any poultry operations and species, which may include chickens, turkeys, ducks, pheasant and game birds. It can be mixed with corn, soybean meal, and other ingredients either on your farm or at a local mill. As our standard premix, this can be used in making feed for layers or broilers. Used to make a finished, complete feed, this is ideal for poultry kept in intensive systems or free-range. Consult your local Renaissance representative for additional information or recommendations.


The care and keeping of emus is becoming more common. These birds are largely kept as pets, layers (for the production of chicks), and as a source of protein in specialty food markets. Renaissance manufactures a special premix that can be used in the manufacture of a complete feed for emus. It is formulated to be mixed with grains, sources of proteins, and/or other concentrates to prepare a complete feed for emus. This product should not be made available in any form to sheep or other livestock with sensitivity to copper. Consult your Renaissance representative for additional information and assistance.


When considering a balanced diet for your poultry, Renaissance can help to formulate an effective premix, as well as recommending what ingredients to include in a complete feed mix. Whether your poultry are used as layers for eggs or chicks, or as fryers, broilers and roasters… or even simply for pets or a more-specialty related entity, we can help to ensure they receive the best nutrition necessary for each situation. A well-balanced ration can help them perform to their genetic potential. Contact your local Renaissance consultant for information and assistance in helping to make your poultry flock a productive and rewarding opportunity!

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