Renaissance is proud to offer a quality line of KEMIN preservatives that have been research-tested for results. University trials show that ensiled forages treated with an appropriate product preserve the quality of the forage. and ,maximize nutrients and feeding results. In treated forages often do not ensile as well and may experience a greater decline in feed quality.


Ideal for corn silage, alfalfa haylage, and high moisture corn. It increases fermentation rates, and fewer nutrients are lost-making silage quality better. Silage Savor is available in dry or liquid form.

FRESH CUT is a top quality product for baled hay! FESH CUT and inhibit mold development in hay. It will also aid in controlling heating, giving you a better end product at feeding time.

KEMIN TOP SAVOR, is a liquid preservative that reduces the dry matter loss normally associated with the top 36 inches of silage in bunkers or tower silos. Apply just before sealing to reduce spoilage and dry matter loss. TOP SAVOR is ideal when used in conjunction with KemLAC or Silage SAVOR.

MYCO CURB is a mold inhibitor/surfant for processed feed ingredients. Mold inhibitors act by preventing mold growth, thereby preventing mycotoxins from forming. If grain in being purchased, MYCO CURB can be added at the time of grinding.


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