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This is a premix product for use with gestating and lactating sows to enhance digestion and increase productivity. It contains lysine, along with highly-available organic selenium and an enzyme blend. Formulated to provide a proper level of vitamins, trace minerals, calcium, phosphorus and salt it is geared for performance.


Here is a premix designed for lactating sows, providing high levels of vitamins and minerals at a critical time in their reproductive cycle. It helps sows to meet the additional nutrient demands of a heavy milking sow, aiding milk production and a quicker recovery of their reproductive system. Higher levels of vitamin E can also encourage heavier pigs at weaning. It can be fed to both gestating and lactating sows.


Used as a nutritional laxative for sows, this product is formulated to be mixed in feed or top dressed on feed for sows in late gestation and lactation, or times of constipation. Constipation in sows can reduce the rate of farrowing, which increases the number of stillborn and weak pigs at birth. This problem can also cause milking problems for sows and digestive upset for the baby pig due to toxic materials that may be absorbed into the blood stream from the digestive tract.

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