Swine Services

The care and management of swine is critically important. This includes pigs from birth through gestation/lactation… or those being raised for meat. Renaissance can work with you to optimize your swine operation:  helping to evaluate rations; management practices; facilities; and much more. We carry a full line of excellent swine products that can help to support your operation’s growth and development, with the goal of improving productivity and profitability. Each product is specially formulated to help ensure your animal’s meet their nutritional needs for maintenance, health and reproduction, along with good weight gain (for grow/finish operations). Renaissance is committed to helping your swine operation achieve success!

Swine Services



Performance Projections
Our consultants can help you to knowing just what and how your livestock are performing, and projecting future potentials to meet your herd development goals, and/or growth objectives for growing and finishing pigs.


Computerized/Comprehensive Ration Balancing
When it comes to what your pigs are eating, our consultants will access your operation and goals, and then work with available feedstuffs to develop a balanced ration. It does not matter whether you are feeding brood sows or piglets, barrows and gilts, or growing and finishing pigs for meat… we can apply the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of ration balancing to ensure your swine are getting what they need – when they need it.


Body Condition Scoring
From piglets to farrowing sows, or pigs in a grow/finish operation, body condition is one indicator of your operation's success. Regular evaluation of your pig’s body condition can help to identify concerns and opportunities related to such things as health, reproductive performance, maintenance and/or weight gain, along with possible management challenges. Our consultants can assist you with evaluating your entire operation or individual animals.

  • Body Condition Scoring can help in evaluating, predicting or troubleshooting the following areas:
    • Animal Health & Management
    • Nutritional Opportunities
    • Reproductive Problems
    • Brood & Farrowing Sow Performance
    • Growth & Development from start-to-finish
    • Feed Performanc


Breakeven Analysis
Our consultants can help you to better understand the profitability of your operation and maximizing your return on investment, regardless of the focus or size of your operation.


Management Consulting
The management of swine is critical to their performance and productivity, along with helping to ensure your bottom line profitability. Our consultants can help you to evaluate current practices including: vaccination schedules; care and feeding of gestating/lactating sow; farrowing insights; optimizing feed for your grow/finish operations; facilities insights; record keeping; and much more.

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