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Renaissance’s Vitamin Trace Mineral Packs are concentrated products designed to provide additional trace minerals and vitamins to dairy cattle. The small inclusion rate requires the products to be mixed in grain, protein or mineral mixes.

Renaissance’s Vitamin Trace Mineral Packs feature the most bio-available inorganic sources and stabilized vitamin sources. 


A source of supplemental vitamins and trace minerals for dairy cattle. This pack also features B-vitamins. Three ounces provides 188 IU of Vitamin E.

This pack is twice as concentrated as Vitamax Plus.  However, it does NOT include B vitamins. The Vitamin E level is higher (7000 IU/lb) to help meet the higher vitamin E levels that are often desired in rations for high producing (or stressed) cows. One ounce provides 438 IU of vitamin E.


Here is a concentrated source of vitamins only. One ounce provides 150,000 IU of vitamin A, 37,500 IU of vitamin D, and 312 IU of vitamin E. It also contains some B-vitamins.

This is a supplemental choline source. It is not rumen protected.


A biotin source providing 100 mg of biotin/lb. It provides 15–20 mg of biotin per head per day to improve hoof integrity. Biotin research has also been shown to increase milk production. As one of the B-vitamins, Biotin plays a key role in synthesizing glucose, protein and fatty acids. Biotin is required for normal cell growth and differentiation, especially for epithelial tissue. Recent research indicates that supplementing biotin to dairy and beef cattle improves hoof integrity and reduces the incidence of common hoof disorders.

Here is a rumen- protected source of niacin. The protection improves niacin availability 6–10 fold when compared to unprotected niacin.  Typical feeding rate is about 2 grams three weeks pre-fresh (21-days) and about 1 gram up to three weeks (21-days) post-fresh, for improved energy use during transition. Research has shown that 6–12 grams lowers body temperature during heat stress.


This is a supplemental niacin source. It is not rumen protected. Typical feeding rate is 12 grams for three weeks (21-days) pre-fresh and 6 grams up to three weeks (21-days) post-fresh for improved energy use during transition. This offers 50 g/lb of niacin.

Here is a rumen-protected source of choline. A typical feeding rate is 2 ounces for three weeks (21-days) pre-fresh through to three weeks (21-days) post-fresh, for improved energy use during transition.


VITAMIN A 30,000
This is a stabilized form of supplemental vitamin A, providing 30,000 IU of vitamin A/gram of product.

VITAMIN E 20,000
This is a stabilized form of supplemental vitamin E, providing 20,000 IU of vitamin E/lb of product.


Selenium and vitamin E serve as antioxidants and work together improving immune function, reproduction and tissue health in lactating and dry dairy cattle. It is fed at a rate of 1 ounce/ h/day to provide 5.6 mg of selenium and 400 IU/lb of Vitamin E. Do not exceed the 0.3ppm/h/day of supplemental selenium legal maximum.

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