In Vitro Analysis

Utilizing in vitro analysis, we are able to analyze forages and feedstuffs to determine the best ration composition for health and performance. This technology is also useful as a diagnostic tool to test TMR samples and reveal opportunities that may enhance performance. These opportunities may not be evident by other analytical technologies. Most digestibility analyses determine a 30- or 48-hour (1 time-point) disappearance to estimate fiber (dNDF) digestibility. However, available in vitro technologies can now deliver up to 2900 time-points of information over a 48-hour period, far exceeding the single time-point analysis commonly utilized in other digestibility analyses technologies. The information obtained by Renaissance Nutrition allows us to find opportunities that may help to improve your bottom line, while making more informed decisions when developing diets. We have actively used advanced analysis technologies, such as Fermentrics, for many years, taking the results and applied them to ration balancing and dairy nutrition in ways that other nutritionists have not done.


In Vitro technology helps us work toward the following goals:

  • Improve Production
  • Improve Feed Efficiency
  • Improve Microbial Protein Yield
  • Ensure Rumen Health
  • Optimize Forage Utilization
  • Optimize Feed Cost
  • Promote Peak Milk
  • Optimum components
  • Promotes ‘microbial coupling’ – resulting in increased feed efficiency.

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